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API currently presented on this portal cover the first part of EH global API offerings. At this stage it includes:
- Authentication
- Company identification and information
- Management of credit insurance coverage
- Reference Data to support those API

All APIs are based on REST/JSON protocol, following industry standards and best practices, with authentication managed through OAuth2.

To access the documentation, you only need to sign-up.


Euler Hermes proposes a sandbox to allow you to test the API and start your integration without specific test account.

This sandbox contains mocked data and examples.

On the page describing the API, you'll find a "Run in Postman" button allowing you to download a Postman collection calling this sandbox.

Sandbox content and covered API will improve with time.


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About us

We are the global leader in trade credit insurance and a recognised specialist in the areas of surety, collections, structured trade credit and political risk.